ACRN Exam Sample Questions

In the following questions, choose the one best answer.


1.  HIV transmission has been most often associated with which of the following?

                a.  Blood transfusions

                b.  Injection drug use

                c.  Perinatal transmission

                d.  Unprotected sexual activity 

2.  What is the most important nursing response for a client with a newly established AIDS diagnosis and vague thoughts about suicide?

                a.  Arrangement for constant observation

                b.  Referral for antidepressant medication

                c.  Further assessment for suicidal risk

                d.  Immediate referral to psychiatric clinician 

3.  A viral load of 7,500 copies indicates

                a.  Viral suppression

                b.  Need for PCP prophylaxis

                c.  Progression of disease pathology

                d.  Presence of datable viral particles in the blood 

4.  Infants born to HIV-seropositive mothers are likely to

                a.  Not become infected in utero

                b.  Remain HIV-seropositive

                c.  Develop AIDS within the first year of life

                d.  Become seronegative if they are not infected. 



Answers to Sample Questions:  1. ( d ),  2. ( c ), 3.  ( d ), 4.  ( d )


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